Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Benefits of Unemployment

After having stamped my foot down in a very Shirley Temple like fashion and said that the only way I was going to raise my fare to South America was by pure employment means, God did what parents like to do with rebellious children who refuse to eat their spinach; make a VERY PUBLIC example of who is boss. I guess it didn't help that ireland has a 14 % and growing unemployment rate at the moment and that I have still yet to hone my expertise of scamming the government for welfare... but I was forced by desperation, boredom and the threat of my family becoming obese due to my cooking to go out and do ..... OUTREACH, yes that word that to some of us is synonymous with hunger, humiliation and in ireland hundreds of Hurling clubs ( wiki link for hurling here for the uninformed ..... ) And yet despite the feet overworked from wearing heels, the continuous, " I'm sorry lads but like even though the queen and Mr. Obama were visiting, God bless them so... there is no money going around now so ! and other other hazards we face, its been good. The irish are the type that will give even though it means they will have to skip out on their trip to the pub or the parlor. Even the most of the Nos are followed with "fair play to ye lads, come back to me in a month and I will see what I can do." Doing the hard thing will make you cringe, make you want to crawl under the table and curse the day you were born... but it will also make you grow, meet people and get involved in situations you would have never otherwise done

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sushi virgin

Dedicated to sekio...if she stumbles upon this and all those poor japanese people who are probably going through a sushi famine right now

Saturday, March 5, 2011

If Jesus can do stunts with doves, then so can I

Since the dove with the olive branch, dove landing on saviour head scenarios had already been taken, I had to opt for something different. No birds were harmed in the making of this photo. Wind and Mountain are actually wind and real mountain, ( we like to keep things natural here ).

Monday, February 14, 2011

Shot again

I know for the past few years I've posted some sweet sentimental nonsense up here usually accompanied by a halfway sexual and ego boosting picture of myself, but this year I beg to differ. I suppose I've gotten shot this year but with the cynics arrow, and this year i'm not going to proclaim my love to you all which really was just a naive thing to do in the first place. Lets face it, love is loving someone through the good the bad and the ugly and being free with your " I love you"s will only make them less valuable. The free love campaign is over, and ego boosting pictures were not taken, confidence is going to have to come from another source this year.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A buggered back equals a buggered ballerina

Yes it happened, either something to do with a slipped disk or I've been way too enthusiastic in my karma sutra regime , my lower back is a ball of nerves paying me back for years of abuse, most self induced. The timing is ironically perfect as to add insult to injury ( yes quite literally ) yesterday I gave my back the 2 finger salute and braved ballet class only to find a new Russian Prima Ballerina had joined with arabesques, I kid you not, somewhere around this height

"Those bloody Russians, is there anything that they're not good at, other than speaking English properly!" I murmured to myself, keeping my own leg no higher 45 degrees (any more was equivalent to someone tying me to a chair, supergluing headphones on and playing a WHOLE Adam Lambert album, torture ) .......and things went downhill from there.
Last night I spent sleepless and repenting of all those souls ( and their have been many ) I have criticized for using their bad backs as an excuse to get out of dinner dishes. Things were made no better by my granny posture this morning and someone telling everyone how I said " easy does it" when trying to roll over in the night. Apparently our charity visits to nursing home are no longer required, people come and see me instead.
Alas.... a buggered back equals a buggered ballerina, I have been banned from ballet and exercise for the next two weeks and been told to take things, very, very slow, hard when my craving for coffee this morning was fulfilled. I'll keep you updated on whether a wheelchair is purchased this week or not

Friday, January 21, 2011

Be Nice, pucker up !

The amount of friends or people who declare love and adoration for another seems to be directly proportional to how much ass that "other" can kiss. Some people seem to be able to stand, nay enjoy kissing row upon row of rears, but other just haven't found that " acquired taste" and hope never to, I guess its like marmite, you either love it or hate it. However, the question must be asked, if these pushovers stopped agreeing with your every point, told you yes you did look fat in that dress, and no it IS your fault for continuing your love affair with butter, not the manufacture's size misprint, ceased to spam various facebooks with comments that are not real reflection of what they think but an attempt to keep in your good books........if, this all stopped would their fans still be star struck ? Unfortunately I must confessed , I like my ass kissed a good deal, I think we all do, its human nature to want to feel loved and accepted, but....... is it good for us ? Despite spreading a lot of proverbial germs, it does nothing but make us soft, squishy and saggy, not the type of ass you'd want to see when crunch time comes and those speedos of real life need to be donned. Am I attempting to instigate a rudeness revolution where we all throw curses at each other rather than complements? No! I'm trying to annihilate one. Rows of adults with their pants around their ankles waiting like some scene from Disney to be kissed is what I consider rude. How about we try pulling up our pants and see if we can get along without a daily need for lip service

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas day and new years

A few photos of christmas dinner and our rock and roll new years party. My commitments for the new year include traveling, learning a new language, and not cheating on my blog with facebook, I'll let you know how many of these actually come to fruition.