Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Benefits of Unemployment

After having stamped my foot down in a very Shirley Temple like fashion and said that the only way I was going to raise my fare to South America was by pure employment means, God did what parents like to do with rebellious children who refuse to eat their spinach; make a VERY PUBLIC example of who is boss. I guess it didn't help that ireland has a 14 % and growing unemployment rate at the moment and that I have still yet to hone my expertise of scamming the government for welfare... but I was forced by desperation, boredom and the threat of my family becoming obese due to my cooking to go out and do ..... OUTREACH, yes that word that to some of us is synonymous with hunger, humiliation and in ireland hundreds of Hurling clubs ( wiki link for hurling here for the uninformed ..... ) And yet despite the feet overworked from wearing heels, the continuous, " I'm sorry lads but like even though the queen and Mr. Obama were visiting, God bless them so... there is no money going around now so ! and other other hazards we face, its been good. The irish are the type that will give even though it means they will have to skip out on their trip to the pub or the parlor. Even the most of the Nos are followed with "fair play to ye lads, come back to me in a month and I will see what I can do." Doing the hard thing will make you cringe, make you want to crawl under the table and curse the day you were born... but it will also make you grow, meet people and get involved in situations you would have never otherwise done

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